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Since I became an adult, I have had a really difficult time parting with belongings. I just love remembering things that are tied to a memory, even if the memory isn't always a happy one. Unfortunately, this has also made it difficult for me to store everything I love into one solitary space, which is why I started learning as much as I could about the process. It has been really fascinating for me to focus completely on storage, and before I knew it, things were really starting to come together. I wanted to make a blog about storage to help other people, so here you go.



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2 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Full-Service Company For Your Move Across Town

After renting or purchasing a home across town, you may be in the planning stages of getting moved. Although the new place is across town, you may have decided that you would like as much help as possible with packing and transporting your possessions. If you are planning on hiring a full-service moving company to help, there are a couple of questions you can ask to get yourself started with planning for the big day.

1. How Do They Charge for Moving Your Household Items Locally?

One question that you can ask the moving company before you hire them has to do with how they will charge you for the service. Because the move is local, they will probably not rely only on mileage since your new home may only be a few miles away.

Will the company charge you by box or item? Will they weigh the contents of the moving truck to calculate the service? Or, do they charge a flat rate based on how many rooms will be packed and moved?

Knowing how they will charge you will help you determine the budget for your move. It will also let you prepare for some items that you may want to move by yourself.

2. Do They Have a Limit on the Number of Boxes They Will Pack for You?

Depending on how many possessions that you have, another question that you may want to ask before you hire a full-service mover is about any limitations on the number or the sizes of the boxes they will pack for you. Within the rate they quoted you, will they pack a certain amount in the boxes they provide?

Also, do they have boxes or will they provide boxes for items that have abnormal sizes? If they are willing to pack such items but do not have the boxes available, they may ask that you provide these boxes for their use. This lets you know what you need to gather before the day of their arrival.

Asking the above questions before the day you expect to move can help you be better prepared for what the movers will be doing for you as well as what you may need to do yourself. Contact a local moving company that offers full services to find out more about their particular offerings as well as to obtain personalized guidance on handling all of the aspects of your move across town.

Reach out to some full-service moving companies in your area today for more information.