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Creating A Happier Storage Environment

Since I became an adult, I have had a really difficult time parting with belongings. I just love remembering things that are tied to a memory, even if the memory isn't always a happy one. Unfortunately, this has also made it difficult for me to store everything I love into one solitary space, which is why I started learning as much as I could about the process. It has been really fascinating for me to focus completely on storage, and before I knew it, things were really starting to come together. I wanted to make a blog about storage to help other people, so here you go.


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Keys To Organizing A Storage Unit Like A Professional

If you plan on using a storage unit to keep possessions like electronics or furniture, it's paramount to organize said unit correctly from the very beginning. You'll succeed with this if you follow a few protocols:

Plan Out Item Placement Using Online Diagrams First

You don't have to be directly inside your storage unit to plan how you're going to place items inside it. The storage rental facility should have visual diagrams of your specific unit that you can use online, and this is something to do before you ever head out to the storage unit. Then when you do show up in person, you'll already know exactly where to put each of your possessions.

You can use this diagram to figure out what makes sense from a layout standpoint, such as which items you'll need to access more often than others and how to provide certain items with ample protection. These placement plans ultimately fast-track your ability to load items inside initially.

Make a List of Everything You're Storing

What you don't want to happen at any point when using a storage unit is forgetting what's inside it. That would cause confusion and unnecessary stress. Instead, you want to know exactly what's in your unit at all times, and you can achieve this by documenting what you put inside.

Any time you put a new item in the storage unit, you make a note of this using online software. You can also update this list of items in the storage unit when you take something out.  This way, you never lose track of anything important.

Take Furniture Apart

If you do end up storing furniture in your storage unit, it's a good idea to take it apart as much as you can. That's going to help in several ways. For one, it's going to make moving furniture inside this unit a lot easier because the furniture won't be as heavy. It will be in pieces, and you can better manage them all by yourself.

Additionally, taking furniture apart before placing it in storage will help you maximize the space you have to work with in the unit. Then you'll be able to potentially store more items inside without having to get a bigger unit.

If you want to make using a storage unit much more convenient over the years, there are certain storage protocols you need to follow. Then you won't ever question your decision to rent out a storage unit from a company. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a storage unit near you, such as Gastley's Moving & Storage.