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Creating A Happier Storage Environment

Since I became an adult, I have had a really difficult time parting with belongings. I just love remembering things that are tied to a memory, even if the memory isn't always a happy one. Unfortunately, this has also made it difficult for me to store everything I love into one solitary space, which is why I started learning as much as I could about the process. It has been really fascinating for me to focus completely on storage, and before I knew it, things were really starting to come together. I wanted to make a blog about storage to help other people, so here you go.



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Long-Term Storage For Furniture – Preparations And Storage Tips

Sometimes, furniture needs to be put into storage for a while. It could be that you're out of space or that you're going to be between homes for a while – whatever the reason, furniture can be stored for a very long time and still come out of storage in the same great condition it was in before being stored. Here's a few tips on how to prepare the furniture for storage.

Upholstered Furniture

Sofas, chairs, loveseats – all of the upholstered furniture needs to be cleaned very well before being put in storage for a while. You can opt to have it professionally cleaned or just do a little spot cleaning and get the dust out of the cushions.

To get the dust out of removable cushions, put a cushion in a big, thick trash bag. Stick your vacuum hose in the top and wrap the bag closed around the vacuum. It will suck all of the air out of the cushion and pull the dust into the vacuum.

You can spot-treat the furniture using white vinegar mixed with water. Mix 1 part vinegar with 2 parts water and shake the bottle. Spray the mixture onto a white cleaning cloth and begin dabbing the spot. You can also go over the entire surface with the mixture to remove the surface dirt.

Wood Furniture

Wood furniture should be cleaned well and then polished before being put into storage for a while. The polish will help to condition and seal the wood and keep it from drying and cracking while it's being stored.

Place some silica gel packets in each of the drawers. The silica will absorb moisture before it is absorbed into the wood.

Find the Right Storage Place

You can find a number of storage rentals in the area, but where should you store your furniture. If you store it in an un-climate-controlled setting, the chances of it getting damaged over the months or years is pretty great.

Instead, consider looking into furniture storage facilities. This type of storage facility understands the importance of maintaining a steady climate. They know that if things get to moist, mold will grow. If things get to dry, wood will crack. If it gets to cold, all sorts of bad things can happen to the furniture. Take some time to begin preparing your furniture for storage and make some calls. Soon, you'll have your furniture settled into storage until you are ready to reclaim it.

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