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Since I became an adult, I have had a really difficult time parting with belongings. I just love remembering things that are tied to a memory, even if the memory isn't always a happy one. Unfortunately, this has also made it difficult for me to store everything I love into one solitary space, which is why I started learning as much as I could about the process. It has been really fascinating for me to focus completely on storage, and before I knew it, things were really starting to come together. I wanted to make a blog about storage to help other people, so here you go.



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Four Factors To Consider When Comparing Moving Companies

Moving is considered to be one of the most stressful times in your life, so it makes sense when comparing moving companies to pick the one that reduces that stress impact as much as possible. How do you determine which moving company is best for your needs? Use these four factors as a way to compare your moving company options so that the perfect choice makes itself apparent.


Moving insurance covers damage to your belongings while they are in transit from point A to point B. However, not all moving companies offer the same type of insurance policy. To make an accurate comparison between each company, ask each one of them these questions:

  • What are your coverage limitations?
  • Is it an all-risk policy or are risks like natural disasters excluded?
  • Are all items covered or are only items packed by the moving company covered?
  • Is it full-value protection or only a cents-per-pound policy?

The answers to these questions help you determine which moving company offers the highest insurance protection for your goods.

Additional Services

Moving is not only about placing your belongings onto the moving truck, so finding out what additional services moving companies offer can help you to make a decision. For example, do they offer a cleaning service add-on for when your home is empty? Or, before the move, do they offer a packing service to remove this task from your list of things to do? Ask each company what additional services they offer and use this in your decision process.

Terms And Conditions

No reputable moving company hides additional costs within the terms and conditions of the moving contract, but not all contracts are easy to understand. Therefore, ask each moving company to provide you with a copy of the terms and conditions for their moving contract so you can check to see if you may be liable for any additional costs above what is quoted to you. Take the time to read and the terms and conditions, and then there will be no surprises if unexpected events like delivery delays occur.

Read Reviews

Finally, take the time to research and read reviews on each proposed moving company, as this is a good way to decide who to use. Previous customers often take the time to outline the good and the bad of their moving experience. One customer complaining can be taken with a grain of salt, but if you see a trend of negative comments all saying the same thing, then that moving company is not the one for you.

Use these four factors to help you make a balanced evaluation of all moving companies open to help with your relocation so you can be confident of a successful moving day. 

To learn more, contact local moving companies.